Welcome to Sunday School - Our Community Groups!

We believe that growing in our relationship with Jesus and others is essential for spiritual development. Sunday School occurs every week at 9 AM, provides a welcoming space for kids, youth, and adults to gather and learn together before the main church service begins.

Growing Faith

We believe that the journey of faith is best experienced in community, and Sunday School provides opportunities for personal reflection and shared learning. Through engaging lessons and discussions, we seek to deepen our understanding of God’s Word and grow in our faith.

All Ages Welcome

Sunday School is not just for kids or youth, but for everyone in the church family. Join us each week to foster meaningful relationships with Jesus and others. Our goal is to create a connected and caring community.

Community Groups

At Sunday School, we refer to our classes as Community Groups because they truly are places of community. We encourage open and authentic discussions, allowing members to support and encourage one another in their faith journeys. 

Join us

Join us at Sunday School and experience the joy of growing in your relationship with Jesus and others. Together, let’s explore God’s Word, build meaningful connections, and strengthen our faith.

Sunday’s 9:00 AM

All Ages Welcome